What is NoCodeIt?

We see more and more people starting business without knowing how to code or hiring developers.

So, how do they do it? They use the no-code tools available.

We built NoCodeIt as an informational resource for people interested in the no-code movement.

Every week, we interview business owners, so that you can see it’s possible to build your business without knowing how to code!

Why no-code?

We believe that you don’t need to hire an expensive developer or spend years learning how to code.

Instead, you can utilize the no-code tools to bring your business idea to life – even if your budget is tight!

Who is this for?

– People with a business idea 
– Entrepreneurs and small business owners
– Creatives and makers
– People with a full-time job looking to bring their side-hustle to life

What can I build with no-code tools?

– A landing page that collects emails to test if there is interest and invite people to join the wait-list in exchange for something
– A one-page websites that accepts payments 
– A landing page for a new app
– A productized service
– A membership page
– And many more!